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The case against the “Open Arms”: key events
The newspaper “Ara” from Barcelona presents the events that led Italy’s justice to confiscate the rescue boat “Open Arms” and institute preliminary proceedings against the responsible party. During the rescue operation off the Libyan coast the newspaper had a team of reporters on board the ship. The course of events are visualized on a sea map where the readers can see where the refugees’ boats and the rescue boat are located. Photos and short films convey an impression of what is happening. The texts are accompanied by an indication of the appropriate times of the series of events. At the top of the individual pages is a timeline which turns red while being scrolled, thus giving the readers an idea of the moment within the rescue process.

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Why did Tom rape his girlfriend Thordis?
Almost 20 years after his rape Tom met Thordis to exchange their views on what went wrong in that specific night in December. How come a seemingly normal young man acted so cruelly against a woman whom he loved and respected? The story is presented in two
parallel tracks allowing the  readers to switch to and fro. · Berliner Morgenpost, D

In these city districts buying is the better bargain
The newspaper’s comment: “Living in big cities is becoming more and more expensive. Buying an apartment in some districts
and spending the rent on paying the instalments is worth a thought. The prices for apartments in big cities according to their postal codes can be studied on the following pages.”

A click on German cities with
more than 100,000 inhabitants will provide with information on
– the price
– the rent
– the repayment.

The printed edition contains information on the market for homes and apartments in Berlin.

“Berliner Morgenpost” was awarded for five projects:

What cameras can read from your face

In these city districts buying is the better bargain

How close local authorities came to the assassin of Breitscheidplatz

Bike thefts in Berlin – all neighbourhoods, all cases

Pathfinder for schools

Fine dust radar · · Stuttgarter Nachrichten · Stuttgarter Zeitung

Fine dust radar
The award goes to two newspapers because of their co-operation. This is their comment: “The fine dust radar enables the citizens of Stuttgart and environment every hour to control the amount of fine dust practically on their doorstep via a dense net of more than 3,000 fine dust sensors. The maps shown here indicate the air pollution on a Sunday at 1 o’clock p.m. and 1 o’clock a.m. All indicated areas appear in non-alarming colours. A temperature curve with details in individual areas is also available.

“Stuttgarter Nachrichten” and “Stuttgarter Zeitung” were awarded for three projects:

Welcome to the mother city of hip-hop

The game “Space Spätzle”