At the European Newspaper Award there are main prizes – European Newspaper of the Year – and Awards of Excellence in different print and online categories.

Timetable of the competition

Competition period:
Works can be submitted that were created between 1 October and 31 October of the following year.

Start of submission phase:
1 September

Closing date:
1 November

Late submissions:
9 November. A higher fee will be charged for late submissions.

Announcement of the prize winners:
It is planned to inform all participants about their results at the beginning of December.

Congress, Award Ceremony and Dinner:
A Congress with award ceremony always takes place in the first half of the following year. The award winners will be informed in time about the details.

Call for Entries 22nd European Newspaper Award

Since its founding in 1998, the European Newspaper Award has been directed by newspaper designer Norbert Küpper. In the media, the competition is also referred to as the „Oscar of the Newspaper Industry“.


– The closing date for entries is 1 November 2020.
– Late submissions are possible until 9 November 2020.

The main prize will be awarded in four categories:
– local newspaper
– regional newspaper
– nationwide newspaper
– weekly newspaper

European Newspaper of the Year
In order to decide on the main prize „European Newspaper of the Year“, the jury needs two complete printed newspapers from the following period:

– Daily newspapers:
Saturday, 5 September 2020 and Wednesday, 9 September 2020.
Special editions, anniversary editions are not allowed here! If your newspaper does not appear on Saturday, send a Friday edition.

– Weekly newspapers:
Two different copies. These submissions must have been published between 29 August 2020 and 13 September 2020. Special editions, anniversary editions are not allowed here!

Examples of main prizes and Judges‘ Special Recognitions from recent years can be found here.

– Awards of Excellence
– Awards of Excellence are presented in various categories for print, online and cross-media.
– Entries in these categories must have been published between 1 October 2019 and 31 October 2020.

Examples of Awards of Excellence in all categories from recent years can be found here. 

Participation fees

– The fee is charged per newspaper title. A maximum of 6 submissions can be made per category. This means that up to 120 projects can participate in the 20 categories with a single fee. In this calculation we have not taken into account the sub-categories, in which 6 submissions can also be made.

– Early-Bird Deadline Monday, 19 October 270 Euro
– Standard Deadline Monday, 2 November 300 Euro
– Late Deadline Monday, 9 November 350 Euro
Deadline: Arrival of the submission to us.

– For student work half of the regular fee will be charged.

Request invoice
– To be able to write an invoice, we need the exact company address. If in doubt, ask your accounting department for the correct address.

– Request an invoice by email:

– Participants outside Germany, but within the European Union: We require the VAT ID of your company. Wikipedia gives an explanation about this number: VAT number.

– After you have requested an invoice, you will receive it by email, usually within 24 hours. The amount must be received by us by 1 November.

The categories of the 22nd European Newspaper Award in Print and Online

Awards of Excellence print categories:

Here you can see which submissions belong in which categories:

1. Front pages, Cover and Coverstory*
1.1. Local Newspaper
1.2. Regional Newspaper
1.3. Nationwide Newspaper
1.4. Weekly Newspaper
*Here the front page and the matching cover story inside is submitted. It is possible to send only the front page.

2. Sectional front pages
2.1. Local Newspaper
2.2. Regional Newspaper
2.3. Nationwide Newspaper
2.4. Weekly Newspaper

3. News pages*
3.0. Refugees
3.1. Terror, war
3.2. Natural disasters
3.3. Environmental protection
3.4. elections (local, regional, national, European)
3.5. Coronavirus
3.6. Prominent deceased
3.7. 30 years since the fall of the Berlin Wall, 30 years of German reunification
*There is no category „3. News pages“. This is the headline for the then following subcategories. There are only these subcategories.

4. Photography
4.0. Photographic series
4.1. Portrait
4.2. Cut
4.3. Sequence
4.4. Atmosphere
4.5. Perspective
4.6. Picture page

5. Photo Report

6. Visualization

7. Visual Storytelling

8. Alternative Storytelling

9. Infographics print
9.0. Infographics
9.1. Small Infographics
9.2. Infographics with special emphasis on maps

10. Illustration

11. Supplements
11.0. Weekend supplements
11.1. Supplements for special occasions
11.2. Magazine supplements

12. Special pages

13. Typography
13.0. Typography print (In this category the entire typography of the newspaper is evaluated. Pages with outstanding typography are evaluated in category 12 special pages.)

14. Concept, Innovation Print
14.0. New series, new concepts
14.1. Special editions, jubilee editions

Awards of Excellence online categories:

15. Concept, Innovation Online
15.0. Multimedia storytelling
15.1. Movies
15.2 Animation films

16. Online and crossmedia
16.0. Web design for news websites
16.1. Typography cross-media
16.2. Cross-media projects

17. infographics online
17.0. Data journalism
17.1 Infographics online
17.2. Animated infographics

18. Podcasts

19. iPhone and smartphone apps

20. Social media

Both Print and Online common categories:

Works on these topics can be submitted not only in print, but also online and cross-media:

3. News pages
3.0. Refugees
3.1. Terror, war
3.2. Natural disasters
3.3. Environmental protection
3.4. elections (local, regional, national, European)
3.5. Coronavirus
3.6. Prominent deceased
Please use the same numbering as for the print category.

Student works
Student works can participate in all categories.

Lokal pages
Local pages can participate in all categories.

Examples of Awards of Excellence in all categories from recent years can be found here. 

There are two different ways to send the submissions:

Please zip all Pfds into one folder and upload them in the Upload Center.

The two printed newspapers, which are obligatory, must also be attached as pdf. It is best to take them from the e-paper of your newspaper.

A zipped folder must not be larger than 700 MB. If it is larger, please make several folders.

You can also use as an alternative to the upload centre. You will receive a confirmation that we have the submission.

Address for the two printed newspapers

Send your submission well packaged to:
European Newspaper Award
c/o. Norbert Küpper
Gutenbergstr. 4
40670 Meerbusch

Naming the Pdfs in print and online categories

At the beginning is the number of the category, then the number of the competition, followed by the name of the newspaper. Entries will be presented to the jury in alphabetical order. Therefore the correct newspaper name is important. Abbreviations, in-house names etc. are not allowed.

Do not submit the same work in different categories.

Print: How to create double pages in Photoshop

Double pages must be created as such. This is done either during the production of the Pdf or in the software Photoshop. With this software, left and right pages are assembled into a double page. It is not possible to create double pages in Adobe Acrobat.

How to participate in online categories

We want to treat all projects equally and present all submissions to the jury in the same style.
Therefore please follow the rules listed here as closely as possible. Please use the upload center for submission: upload center.

Further information on submission

Crossmedia projects are submitted in the online categories! Send the newspaper pages as Pdfs. Name the Pdfs according to the category.

Each project must have its own Pdf document.

Only Pdf documents are allowed. Word documents can be saved as Pdf files.

Give each Pdf document the name of the category and the name of the newspaper. Please write the name of the newspaper correctly, for example: Der_Tagesspiegel, Stuttgarter_Zeitung, The_Daily_Telegraph, Le_Monde

Participation Form

The participation form is required once for your participation. Explanations on individual submissions can be made using the comment function in the Pdf. For example, it may be useful to translate a headline into English. This works quite well with Google Translator or

Here you can download the participation form.

Data Upload

As before, you can save the data on CD, DVD or USB stick and send them together with the two printed newspapers. You can also send the files via the Upload Center and send the printed newspapers by post. In the upload center, a maximum of 700 MB can be transferred with one transmission. If you have more, create several folders and send them one after the other. Click here to go to the Upload-Center.